Fat Frogs Triathlon Team

Founded in Chesapeake, VA in 2012, Fat Frog’s mission is to enrich the physical and social well-being of men, women and youth in the Hampton Roads and North Carolina area through high quality triathlon coaching, training, fellowship and mentorship.

The Fat Frogs Triathlon Team is comprised of multi-level, age-group triathletes ranging from 20-70 years in age and from beginner to Ironman level racers. We proudly offer individual and group training in a safe, fun, and supportive environment designed to take you to the next level of competition.

Fat Frogs is a well-known and highly popular multi-sport organization in the Mid-Atlantic Region and is proud to announce in February, 2017, have expanded to the Bay Area on the West Coast. We are excited to bring “The Frogs’” innovative training and racing programs to the West Coast and look forward to racing in the Northern California Region.

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Fat Frogs Triathlon Team

Coaching Staff

Triathlons are serious business.

In order to compete and be competitive you need serious training from professionals and like-minded training partners. Fat Frogs Triathlon Club brings you both.

Our coaches are certified professionals who will help guide you to your highest levels of competitiveness. And, your training partners will help you bring your best game to each and every training session and competition.

East Coast Coaching Staff

Walt Gonzales

Head Coach

Jonathan Harris

Head Coach

Scott Tabor
Scott Tabor


Chris Hepp


USAT Level 1 Coach
USAC Level 2 Coach
RRCA Running Coach
USAT Level 1 Coach
USATF Level 1 Running Coach
RRCA Running Coach
AFAA Personal Trainer
Ironman U Coach
USAT Level 1 Coach
USAC Level 3 Cycling Coach
RRCA Running Coach
ASCA Level 2 Swimming Coach

West Coast Coaching Staff

Peggy Neidig
USAT Level 1 Coach
USAC Swimming Level 2 Coach
USA Swimming Masters Coach
American Academy of Swim Coaches


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Sponsors & Support

Fat Frogs continues to grow and succeed with the support of our sponsors

Gonzo Gears Mobile Bike Repair is the team’s mechanic and provides bicycle services not only to the Fat Frogs Tri, but many local events and athletes.

Mobile Services Provided

  • Tune Ups
  • Major & minor repairs
  • Flat tire repair
  • Component adjustments
  • Component installs
  • Hydraulic brake service
  • Overhauls
  • Custom bike builds
  • Custom wheel builds
  • Bike packing & shipping
  • Bicycle Fitting

For service complete the online contact form at Gonzo Gears.


Boyd Cycling
Roka Tribike Transport
Boco GearWomen for Tri

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